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led industry lights up china plus

china has more than 2,000 companies and research institutes involved in the led industry employing around 100,000 people, according to guo yuguo, director general of the led division of the china optics and optoelectronics manufacturers association (coema). china's led industry is clustered in the pearl river delta and yangtze river delta in

chongqing's traffic patrol police, alternative to police model

with both of her ears bleeding, qi, 59, knew exactly where to ask for help the nearest outdoor traffic patrol police (tpp) station, which has flashing lights so it would be easy to find. at the police station in the square in front of the southwestern city of chongqing railway

chocolate wonderland to open near bird's nest

a psychedelic chocolate wonderland, not unlike a real life willy wonka's chocolate factory, is set to open to the public near beijing's national "bird's nest" stadium on january 29.

yiwu china plus

the local area also specializes in a number of interesting tofu dishes. nowadays there are numerous coffee shops and tea houses providing respite from the retail vigour, and serving a decent mix of chinese and western foods. in the afternoon i took a taxi across